Custom Wooden TUITS (100 pieces)


NOTE: You can upload your LOGO for the TUIT under the MY ACCOUNT section of the site.


Whether you are looking for a catchy business card, offering a promotional special, or trying to get your message out, wooden tuits are the most interesting and least expensive method to get and RETAIN people’s attention.

We can take your design, logo or other information and create a unique handout alternative to traditional paper business cards. NOTE: PRICE INCLUDES TWO SIDED CUSTOM ENGRAVING (NO SET UP FEE !)


NOTE: You can upload your LOGO for the TUIT under the MY ACCOUNT section of the site.

Diligent attention is given to creating your design wishes into the best looking wood TUIT. We focus on retaining as much detail as possible so that your TUIT will have maximum impact and results. They make unique additions to your wedding announcements as a keepsake of the event. Since they are made out of wood, they are less likely to be thrown away.

Great for realtors to give at open houses, conferences and trade shows.

Some of the slogans used on wooden TUITS in the past have been: To coin a phrase more for your money. It’s cents less to go elsewhere. We have redeemable qualities. Your patronage is worth a lot. We’re worth your interest. Don’t go around in circles; come to where World Class Customer Service never ends. Get a-round TUIT.

Here are just a few more benefits and uses of our TUITS-R-US product.

  • 1) Business name recognition
  •  2) Unique sale/coupon product
  •  3) Collectables and Keepsakes
  •  4) Holiday and Special Event Gifts
  •  5) Political Messaging
  •  6) Motivation and Training
  •  7) Faith reinforcement